A winter dip can save children from the summer rip! July 20 2017, 0 Comments

Beach Robes Australia - Winter Swimming

With the colder months now upon us, this is a timely reminder to parents to avoid giving the pool the cold shoulder this winter as research shows year-round swimming lessons can reduce drowning rates of young children by 88 per cent*. Keep your kids nice and warm with a fabulous beach robe or swim robe!

Swimming is a key Life Skill.

Keep your children's skill levels up with winter swimming lessons.

Many children who stop swimming over the winter months can regress when they return to the pool in summer. Why waste all that effort and money on swimming lessons in the warmer months only to drop them during the cooler months? By swimming regularly during winter in an indoor heated pool they can continually improve and progress their skills.

Swim schools around Australia often find that as winter comes parents think it’s a good opportunity for their children to take a break from swimming to avoid getting a cold or getting sick, however they will happily send them off to play footy out in the freezing cold.

It’s no secret that swimming is fantastic for fitness all year round. Whether your child plays soccer, AFL, rugby, netball, basketball, gymnastics, cricket or other sport, then regular swimming all year-round will increase their overall fitness to help support and maximise their on-field performance during their pre-season training and weekend games.

Finally, the benefits of learning about water safety cannot be emphasised enough for both young and older children.The chances are that your children will spend a lot of time in, around or near water in the warmer months which increases the risk of potential drowning. A winter dip truly can save children from the summer rip! Swimming lessons through winter will allow them to continue with the development of their skills whilst increasing their knowledge of water safety awareness. Shop beach robe or swim robe.

Happy swimming!

*Source: Herald Sun 2016